Tips for your first time in India make it more precious

India is a rich and exotic place. From great Himalayas to the giant Ganges, from forests to desserts everything that nature can provide is present here. It is just like a dream land and that is the reason why millions of people love to visit this country and why it is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Its culture and tradition is different in different places and this unique quality makes this country a diversified and adventurous one. If you are travelling in India or planning to travel in India, there are some tips for your first time in India so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.


India is really a good place and also historical. There are so many monuments in India which are much famous all over the world. Every year thousands of tourists are come to India for their vacations to enjoy the nature and also have fun. Try to avoid the street food of India. India is very famous for its street food but if you are a non Indian and do not know about Indian cuisine, just try to avoid that food as it may cause you several stomach infection. Avoid spicy and oily food as well it can lead to acidity. Pack your suitcase according to the weather of the area you are going to visit. In India you will encounter two types of seasons at two different places so keep that in mind and pack accordingly. Try to avoid tap water as it may be polluted, just go for bottled water because you do not want to travel with your sick stomach or body. Try to learn some basic local gestures so that you can communicate with the local people as everyone does not know English in India.

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